The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham

Reader Reviews

In this debut novel from Hill Country author Chavanne, orphans Henry Snow and Jack Oakham set out to discover their heritage. Their adventure-filled saga crosses five continents and asks timeless questions about fathers and sons and the steep price of forgiveness.
– Maggie Galehouse – Book Editor – Houston Chronicle

This is an epic, heartfelt, lyrical story about living life, and about choice and consequences. Chavanne’s voice is somehow reminiscent of Frank McCourt–but then maybe it’s not the voice per se; maybe it’s the depth of feeling that exists between the lines, the ephemeral somethings that tug at the heart as much in the spaces between words as in the words themselves. Snow and Oakham is not a read; it is an experience. Every woman should read this to understand why men are the way they are–or at least to get an idea of who they could be with some judicious teaching–and every man who is or wants to be a father should read it cover to cover at least a half dozen times.
– Emily C. – Fiction Editor – Maitland, Florida

I cannot overstate how grande the story is. Grande in its scope, its execution, and most urgently, grande in its ultimate purpose. Young Henry Snow and Jack Oakham are on an adventure certainly, to track down their birthright, but the very idea of what they find, and what they choose to do with it sums up men the world over. This is a book about how to build a boy into a man with great intention.
– Dominick Reed – Pastor – Edinburgh, Scotland

If you are adventurous, a lover of pure life, and literate, then this book was written to confirm that you are on the right track! But don’t take my word for it. No no. You must read it. Because even for the chronic adventurer, there will be lessons to learn. There will be characters you encounter who will make you feel small. You are in need of this book, and the glorious lessons found within. Chavanne has NAILED it. This is American fiction at its absolute finest.
– M. Terpstra – Denver, Colorado

Since I was a child, I have loved reading novels. I have read some fabulous ones over the years: The Known World by Edward Jones, Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell are some of my favorites. Well, I now have a new favorite and it is called The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham. Do yourself a favor and read it immediately. The story is rich and powerful and the characters are complex and fascinating. The pages turn by themselves and the writing is smooth. As I finished the last page, I wanted to start all over again and live some more in this wonderful story created by Phillip Chavanne.

It is simply an astonishing work of fiction. I am not only recommending it, but I am buying copies for friends and family.
– Kimber Shoop – OGE Energy Group – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I finished reading The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham about a month ago and my soul is still stirring from it. In fact, the lessons of raising a son and being a man are so profound that I am building a father/son retreat based on the book. Not only that, I am processing the legacy/birthright I will leave for my son. Every Father needs to read this to their son when the time is right. Each night before bed read one of the tales and talk as men through the issues that it stirs up.
– Shay Robbins – Camp Director – Branson, Missouri

This book should be required reading. It teaches so many life lessons that we do not instill in our children like previous generations did. Character traits like forgiveness and personal responsibility. Attributes like honesty and hard work and taking care of the weakest among us. And Mr. Chavanne does all of this while painting a picture so vivid I felt like I was there. I grieved and I laughed. I felt sympathy and ire. I was left raw and sated at the same time. Do yourself a favor: read and re-read this wonderful book from a gifted story teller.
– Dr. J. Berry – Edmond, Oklahoma

This book is a page-turning adventure of journey, sacrifice, love, forgiveness, and consequence…Very entertaining, thought provoking, and moving tale. Richly written in the long lost art of the gifted storyteller! I bought multiple copies of the book for loved ones. I highly recommend this book!”
Dr. Gary Ewen – Dean, Colorado Christian University – Denver, Colorado