The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham

The Early Tales of Snow
and Oakham

Hailed by fans as “one of the great adventure stories of our time,” Philip Chavanne’s first novel The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham is “An important, sprawling work with a lion’s share of tenderness. It is proof that rip-roaring adventure is alive and well.”

BREATHTAKING…UNPUTDOWNABLE… Snow and Oakham is not a read; it is an experience. A powerful, very important debut novel that is epic in its scope. Beautiful, intricate, frequently stunning, this story reaches, almost literally, into every corner of the globe, and even further into the human heart. EXTRAORDINARY.

—Edward Cruz

On the first morning of spring in 1993, orphan brothers Henry Snow and Jack Oakham are awakened in the dark by their adoptive father and invited on an adventure. “We’re off to uncover your birthright,” he tells them. “Buried in a forest called the Wild West End.”

Their father is Tip Holland, a gentle leader who scoured the earth to find these two boys and raise them as his own. The three strap on their bundles, climb upon their horses and set out west before the rising sun.

Ahead of them lies an adventure spanning five continents – filled with orphans and villains, heroes and slaves, cannibals and saints, and most importantly to these two boys, the answers to questions they had been asking all their lives: Who are we? Why were we chosen? Where did we come from?

Philip ChavanneIn his debut novel, twelve years in the making, Philip Chavanne lays out a boundless world of legacy and culture, purpose and possibility, where adventure is ripe for the taking and character is prized. The Early Tales of Snow and Oakham is an epic yet tender masterwork – a story of the journey from boyhood to manhood, and the limitless power of redemption.